TomTom XXL 550TM Review

I just got my TomTom XXL 550TM about a week ago and it was very easy to operate. This is indeed a very good device and it gives me just what I need with a GPS device. Honestly speaking, I’m new to the entire GPS thing.  I’m currently operating in a job that needs me doing approximations and has used up way of too much time running around in any location.


Featuring lifetime traffic and map updates Tomtom XXL 550TM, I enjoy a lifetime of easy driving and always navigating with the up-to-date map. A really big deal on this device is it performs best great maps and best software.

I love the 5” widescreen unit and the clarity of sound.  In fact, this Tomtom XXL 550TM GPS has everything and can give a much easier way to figure out “which way does it want me to go!” The XXL 550-TM handles traffic alerts particularly well. It does include a prognostic type feature which works perfectly fine and which makes accurate predictions.

You should however know that TomTom XXL 550TM does not present a Bluetooth hands free option or MP3 device capabilities, unlike other devices. As I used it, it also does not have automatic power off when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off but all these don’t seem to be a big deal though.

The XXL 550-TM is placed to take advantage of developments without being excessively annoying.  This represents the essence of modernism and design by TomTom. With a lot of pleasing new features, this unit should certainly be top on list for a high performance GPS devices.

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