TomTom XXL 550T Review

I got TomTom XXL 550T about a week ago. I think about this device as a pretty basic GPS but with a lot of good features. I like the 5″ screen LCD display. It is simply viewable and features easily readable roads and labels. It has an accurate direction-finding performance and an obvious voice prompt.

The map screen features is really awesome.   TomTom XXL 550T gives me the alternative of covering POI icons with colorful logos for better view. Underneath the map is the default spot for the TomTom’s status bar where I can see a wide collection of information concerning the present location, the development of the present trip, and projected times and distances to the selected destination.

The startup time typically discovers a GPS signal within two to five and whenever I need faster initial start, I can prefer to get started from the last known location.

TomTom XXL 550T does the whole thing well. It is easy to set up program trips and update. With the lifetime maps and real-time traffic information, I don’t have any trouble figuring out how to put in my “Home” address.
The “Safety” camera warnings on the Tomtom XXL 550t are quite precise. This helps avoid a cruel surprise in the post by paying notice to the toots and driving in safety.  In general, it’s been a great device for me. It is very reliable and has a good value.


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