TomTom XXL 540T Review

This is my favorite widescreen portable GPS navigator. The TomTom XXL 540T guides me to a crossing or intersection, new destination, and to any spot on the map. In this unit, the IQ Routes technology settles on a direction that allows all possible routes and selects one that gets the smallest period of time. Pretty exciting, right?

The TomTom XXL 540 T with an absolute five-inch, extra wide-screen navigation always informs on traffic updates and reduces setbacks. The size of the screen met my expectations as it is easy to see the whole thing on the monitor display. Also, the up-to-date traffic information recalculates travel time and recommends some option routes.


The spoken turn-by-turn orders guide me to any address all over US. It impressed me more on its highly developed user-update maps and lane guidance that adds up to my device’s safety. In my experience, the TomTom XXL 540T commonly has a preference to compute routes using main roads fairly than backstreets that are frequently a little quicker.


Performance wise,the TomTom XXL 540 T is astonishingly improved than expected as it develops satellite-positioning time. The course-plotting and map-reading seems easy enough to understand and the traveling performance is very unswerving. If you need something fast and if you want to customize just about everything you wanted to, then maybe you should consider this portable gps device. Overall, this TomTom XXL 540T it is a great choice for GPS buyers.

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