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TomTom XXL 540T Review

This is my favorite widescreen portable GPS navigator. The TomTom XXL 540T guides me to a crossing or intersection, new destination, and to any spot on the map. In this unit, the IQ Routes technology settles on a direction that allows all possible routes and selects one that gets the smallest period of time. Pretty exciting, right?

The TomTom XXL 540 T with an absolute five-inch, extra wide-screen navigation always informs on traffic updates and reduces setbacks. The size of the screen met my expectations as it is easy to see the whole thing on the monitor display. Also, the up-to-date traffic information recalculates travel time and recommends some option routes.


The spoken turn-by-turn orders guide me to any address all over US. It impressed me more on its highly developed user-update maps and lane guidance that adds up to my device’s safety. In my experience, the TomTom XXL 540T commonly has a preference to compute routes using main roads fairly than backstreets that are frequently a little quicker.


Performance wise,the TomTom XXL 540 T is astonishingly improved than expected as it develops satellite-positioning time. The course-plotting and map-reading seems easy enough to understand and the traveling performance is very unswerving. If you need something fast and if you want to customize just about everything you wanted to, then maybe you should consider this portable gps device. Overall, this TomTom XXL 540T it is a great choice for GPS buyers.

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TomTom XXL 550TM Review

I just got my TomTom XXL 550TM about a week ago and it was very easy to operate. This is indeed a very good device and it gives me just what I need with a GPS device. Honestly speaking, I’m new to the entire GPS thing.  I’m currently operating in a job that needs me doing approximations and has used up way of too much time running around in any location.


Featuring lifetime traffic and map updates Tomtom XXL 550TM, I enjoy a lifetime of easy driving and always navigating with the up-to-date map. A really big deal on this device is it performs best great maps and best software.

I love the 5” widescreen unit and the clarity of sound.  In fact, this Tomtom XXL 550TM GPS has everything and can give a much easier way to figure out “which way does it want me to go!” The XXL 550-TM handles traffic alerts particularly well. It does include a prognostic type feature which works perfectly fine and which makes accurate predictions.

You should however know that TomTom XXL 550TM does not present a Bluetooth hands free option or MP3 device capabilities, unlike other devices. As I used it, it also does not have automatic power off when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off but all these don’t seem to be a big deal though.

The XXL 550-TM is placed to take advantage of developments without being excessively annoying.  This represents the essence of modernism and design by TomTom. With a lot of pleasing new features, this unit should certainly be top on list for a high performance GPS devices.

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TomTom XXL 550M Review

I have seen my friend’s TomTom XXL 550m navigator and appreciated it, so I bought one. It expands my driving view with a clear and large screen that shows my route in a very simple manner. With a Lifetime Map Updates, I keep on receiving updates on road changes and I like the fact that I get lifetime update of maps.

This TomTom XXL 55m unit does a great job when trying to trace just about any location.  I adore it when it settles on a shorter way while on trips as it helps me avoid delays. With its traffic update service, it gives me an alternative to allow changes and it permits me to be acquainted with how much time will be saved during the trip.

In addition, the Help Me menu allows me to travel with calmness of mind. It gives extra safety features and makes my travel trouble-free and whenever I need it, I can way in to local emergency providers such as police, fire stations, and hospitals.  To accurately be in touch to emergency resources, the “Where Am I” feature locates my exact spot.

TomTom XXL 550m has an easy system and an additional feature, for example being able to change the voice and pointer to match my car. Although this device is not for all time easy to find but with the good quality voices, vehicle icons to utilize, louder volume, I great recommended buying this gps device.

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TomTom XXL 550T Review

I got TomTom XXL 550T about a week ago. I think about this device as a pretty basic GPS but with a lot of good features. I like the 5″ screen LCD display. It is simply viewable and features easily readable roads and labels. It has an accurate direction-finding performance and an obvious voice prompt.

The map screen features is really awesome.   TomTom XXL 550T gives me the alternative of covering POI icons with colorful logos for better view. Underneath the map is the default spot for the TomTom’s status bar where I can see a wide collection of information concerning the present location, the development of the present trip, and projected times and distances to the selected destination.

The startup time typically discovers a GPS signal within two to five and whenever I need faster initial start, I can prefer to get started from the last known location.

TomTom XXL 550T does the whole thing well. It is easy to set up program trips and update. With the lifetime maps and real-time traffic information, I don’t have any trouble figuring out how to put in my “Home” address.
The “Safety” camera warnings on the Tomtom XXL 550t are quite precise. This helps avoid a cruel surprise in the post by paying notice to the toots and driving in safety.  In general, it’s been a great device for me. It is very reliable and has a good value.


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TomTom XXL 550 Review

I had no problems with TomTom XXL 550 I bought. It works great and this is indeed one of the best GPS units on the market. A TomTom XXL 550 shows off a 5-inch widescreen LCD display which helps me read the map clearly and thankfully, it is a relief to my now failing eyesight.

TomTom XXL 550 has an easy navigation. This unit has been designed with a 2-inch loudspeaker panel at the back, and has a really good quality audio.  I love the trip roaming as it took place quickly, and turn-by-turn guidelines were succinct and apparent.

I received the unit with the manual that has laid down optional settings and a fully-loaded version that puts in lifetime map and traffic updates. The traffic feature really works well and the routes that it chooses are typically appealing good. I found myself coming across for non-existent ramps and exits.  So, TomTom XXL 550 with its lifetime map updates will expectantly get rid of such displeasures

I also come to appreciate more TomTom’s customer service department. Within a day I got an issue raised resolved. They’re extremely helpful and considerate.

I personally believe that the Tomtom user interface is one of the best. To sum up, the TomTom XXL 550 do exactly what it’s advertised to do – nothing more, nothing less.  While giving me more than I expect, the unit, at the same time, offers an affordable alternative to sophisticated and more expensive GPS units. TomTom XXL 550 is definitely the best gps portable device on the market.


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TomTom XXL 535T Review

The TomTom XXL 535T is a friendly automobile portable GPS navigator device with a lifetime subscription to traffic alerts. The unit’s features came complete in the box with a car charger, cord to clip keen on the computer for updates and a window build up assembly.

This model works very well. The TomTom XXL 535T not only tells turns, it provides spoken directions including street names. Also it easily re-calculates the time each time I come to veer off course. The traffic updates have made it very useful and the amount of individual customization is incredible. The text-to-speech capabilities are plain and eloquent; as a result, they are simple to understand.

With the TomTom XXL 535T, the user has automatic updates in the most recent traffic information, recommend exchange route, and recalculates trip times. Speed limit viewing on the screen is handy, and it also gives a chance when the driver has no idea what lane should be in.

Truly, the TomTom XXL 535T is easy to use and program. With safety features and easy setup, overall, it is accurate and a great value for all the features it has. Thus, TomTom XXL 535T device is simply great in every aspect.

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TomTom XXL 530S GPS Device

The TomTom XXL 530S is one of TomTom’s first 5-inch GPS models. TOMTOM XXL530-S is a GPS device which is car programmed to read out streets and intersections when needed, and tells how far-off the driving from destination and has a countdown on the unit. It appears with preloaded point of interest of the US and Canada and has speed data that can result in enhanced map-reading in areas prone to traffic troubles.

One of the advantages of this TomTom XXL 530S GPS device is its screen size card with its new-fangled, two-model XXL line, which features a 5-inch (diagonal) touch screen. The screen provides easy-to–use menu, large fonts, full landed property for maps, and multi-function view.

The unit also provides advance notice of what you are traversing and give text-to-speech for every turn or exit and has a feature that can sense red-lights which gives more than enough warning to make the turn. It provides avoidance service and full traffic findings. This clearly gives a visual representation of freeway junctions, together with lane-specific directions.

TomTom XXL530-S has IQ Routes Technology that computes the speed through actual paces of travel, accurate text-to-speech instructions and street names, and the “help me” in the set of choices, which shows local crisis information everywhere. Overall, the TomTom XXL 530S works great and helps enhance your traveling experience.

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TomTom XXL 540S GPS

The TomTom XXL 540S is an XXL widescreen tool in absolute car navigation. It has highly developed features with a huge 5-inch touch screen that improves visibility, allows an expanded driving view and easier menu operation.

The TomTom XXL 540S has indistinguishable feature set with advanced lane supervision in support to TomTom‘s successful XL series of wide-screen portable gps devices. The 540 S features text-to-speech that improves the device’s safety.

The single control to be set up is the power button on the component’s top rim. Underneath this rim is the Mini-USB port which provides link for the built-in 12-volt car charger for data links.

The TomTom XXL 540S also marks XL line that demonstrates detailed lane information and designs of multifaceted throughway transactions. The drivers are notified as to what lanes on the selected route they will keep through the arrows on the illustration. And so, this technology gives the fastest route every time.

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