TomTom XXL


Tomtom XXL has always made buzz in the field of GPS technology. It has been dubbed as the complete navigation in an XXL widescreen gps device. Once you will have it switched on, it becomes all ready to show what is out of the box. With Tomtom XXL, you will be really to outsmart every road change that has been made on the face of the planet. It boasts with its lifetime map update where you can make and fresher download of the industry’s most accurate maps every month.

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Tomtom XXL‘ s Preloaded Points of Interest

The preloaded points of interest for each Tomtom GPS device is now over 7 million and it continues to grow over time. This gives you access to over a million routes and roads compared to what you can get from other brands of GPS. With your Tomtom XXL portable GPS unit, you can always gain access to the preloaded points of interest and will have constant update on the traffic and current road conditions of these points.

Tomtom XXL’s Spoken Turn-By-Turn Instructions

Only a few GPS device makes turn-by-turn instructions and with Tomtom XXL, even “hard-to-say” street names are being spoken perfectly. Isn’t that great? Try to imagine having made the wrong turn without anyone having to remind you. When you use Tomtom XXL on your trip, you will be notified not only with traffic congestion ahead but you will also be given alternative routes. You will not only be spending extra dime for your gas but it will also make protracted delay on your trip. With Tomtom XXL, you will become the smartest person on the street.

Tomtom XXL’s IQ Routes Technology

We all want to choose for the shortest, most efficient and smartest way of driving. This want is being boosted with the IQ Routes Technology featured by Tomtom GPS units. Your Tomtom XXL will do the job of calculating the fastest route that you can follow basing on the time of day of your travel. This IQ Routes Technology is exclusive to Tomtom GPS devices. It gives upfront evaluations on the actual traffic speeds as compared to the speed limits being posted along the streets and gives expedient recommendation on which route is more desirable.

Tomtom XXL’s Advanced Lane Guidance

You surely want to get your car away from dangerous lane crossings too. Tomtom XXL GPS devices give you extra clear lane especially on difficult junctions. This feature will help you on your way since Photorealistic images are shown on the screen with the multi-lane exits being shown with pulsing green arrow. This way you are sure that you are not going to miss a turn and you are sure that your car is on the right lane.

Tomtom XXL is without the slightest doubt the most promising GPS unit in the market. It is jam-packed with easy-to-use features. You will surely have an extra wide device on your car dashboard  that gives you an expanded driving view. As eloquently stated on BBC News, Tomtom is the most promising GPS this year and that gives you far more assurance that you are going to get the best GPS device that trumps traffic tangles on your trips. To reecho what I have said above, it is without doubt that Tomtom XXL is really a complete navigation in an XXL widescreen device.